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A full website designed and maintained for you at low cost.

Our web design packages are for customers wanting a cheap fully designed website without compromising on quality, Plus a complete solution that includes hosting, design, email, SEO etc. With our web design package, you do not need anything to pay for anything else.

Our fully designed package includes Windows Platinum Hosting. See Prices for details on disk space, bandwidth & email addresses.

Web Design package summary:

  Our web design package means that you do not have to lift your finger to create your website, except telling us the content you require. We design, setup and manage your website for you. (You can also manage it online). You get a complete website at the lowest possible cost with minimal headaches and investment. Your website design is optimised for viewing across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors, laptops, tablets to smart phones, mobile phones). This allows your customers to easily read and navigate your website with a minimum of discomfort, resizing and panning across.

Responsive web design.
We specialise in responsive design. This ensures that your website is viewable properly across all types of devices. Today, this is becoming increasingly relevant as viewers use mobile smart phones and tablets to access sites which once were only viewed in larger screen laptops/desktops.
This means that your site should not lose clarity / readability across much smaller screens leading to consistent user experience across multiple devices.
  • We setup fully: We customise your site design fully. You don't lift a finger. Which means you can freely focus on your business.
  • Low cost web design solution: At prices close to that of only web hosting, you get a fully designed site that we even support and maintain for you. Further more, it is customised to your business and setup fast, so that it gets you started in no time.
  • How it works: Start with our 3 month web design free trial. Tell us a bit about your business and the content you want. All we need is your logo &/or business colors and we customise on this basis. We setup your completely designed website within 3-5 working days.
  • Layout and design : We provide clean organised layouts that are optimised for usability, sales conversion, search engine indexing plus providing a corporate feel, simple user interface & navigation.
  • Full online management & DIY support: Once setup, you can manage content, design, email, etc all online. Requires no HTML knowledge. If you are not a do it yourself person, we do it for you.
  • We manage for you if you require: that 100% assistance & support @ no extra charge. Should you want to focus on your business, rather than worrying about your website, you can leave it all to us. We help you load your webpage content, tweak design etc for you absolutely free.
  • Add pages on the fly : We give you a fully designed website and unlimited content. (based on your plan) You can add unlimited pages using the template without knowing programming or HTML.
  • Lifetime support 24 x 7: We work on all days to ensure your site is up and running always. (Uptime is 99.9%) We can be also reached at all times. See here.
  • We customise for the look you want: We understand your need for individuality and unique business demands of your website. We customise for look, design, layout and colour to give your site a unique look.
  • You get a future ready site: Your website will be viewable properly across different monitor sizes, resolutions, browsers or operating systems. (including pc, iphones & tablets & smaller size mobile phones).
  • Unlimited FTP: Unlimited FTP available for all plans. Provide development access without limitations.
  • Search engine optimization. (SEO): Everything starts with a user's web search. Therefore, we "always" ensure that our web design architecture is search engine friendly. Our solutions do not have hidden tab content, unfriendly content URLs, or fully dynamic pages that Google can't find or a search engine bot cannot crawl. You will find your entire web page content are delivered as individual pages in a directory format that all search engines love. In addition, all HTML tags are indexed for SEO.
  • Integrated solution: The web design solution is fully integrated with web hosting and email so that all your services are managed under one roof.

If you are on the lookout for low cost quality web design you have come to the right place. We focus on individuals, small and medium size businesses who require convenience, low cost options and do not want to compromise on powerful features, quality of features & service.

We offer affordable web hosting & web design (on both Linux & Windows platforms) with plenty of space and bandwidth, reliable customer service, with high security & reliabilty, powerful hosting solutions that offer you value for your money.



  • Absolutely free. No Ads, Contracts or Fees.
  • Limited Time Offer Only.